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The Project Boobs Podcast | #012 – Lilith Jane

Going from viral on TikTok to the Adult Industry

Lilith Jane has had a tumultuous year! From becoming a celebrity on TikTok for her flattering, funny, and revealing videos, to taking the step into the adult industry. Onlyfans, camming and even recently gotten into stripping, she is quickly becoming a staple in adult entertainment!

Being a smiley girl, it is easy to see why she has gathered so much interest online. It’s widely known that if you are a blond girl with 32K boobs and an infectious smile, you will be popular. This rings true for Lili as well. After uploading a few videos on TikTok she went to bed not thinking much of it. When morning came around, Lilith found her phone blowing up with notifications and 100 of thousands of views of her bouncing her boobies. What a way to start a day! 

Now, after her first year in the industry, Lilith has learnt a lot about the benefits, but also the lackings of the environment she works in. A solid support system is, luckily, something Lili has around her but she understands the need for improvement. There are many in the industry who are either in it alone or for the wrong reasons. Both of these are something she warns about as it is not as easy as some people might think to be a sex worker. Hopefully, with her experience, she can spread her knowledge to other girls thinking of doing what she does, and a great start to learn is to listen to this podcast!



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Follow her on all her pages here: 

Twitter: Thelilithjane
Instagram: Thelilithjane
Back-up Instagram: Thelilithjane2.0
Snapchat: xthelilithjane
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