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The Project Boobs Podcast | #013 – Sailor Luna

The Bustiest of Cosplayers

I never claim to be something I’m not. My best friends know a few things about me for certain; That I’m a bit of a nerd and that I love huge titties. Simple math would indicate that I love busty cosplayers, and I’ll have you know, I really do! Sailor Luna ticks those boxes!

Combining her love for computer games and anime with her favourable curves gives her an advantage over most other geeks. She rocks a 46O cup bra and she loves to dress up so cosplaying was a natural progression for Luna. After visiting a Comicon where she saw other cosplayers, she decided to jump in with both feet. She has since put her twist on famous characters, such as Jessica Rabbit, and Tsunade from Naruto. Few women can pull off characters like that in a truthful way, but Luna’s massive boobs make it easy!

In my discussion with Sailor Luna, we got into her experiences with fans, her Twitch streaming, and the community she has built on Discord. Few models have been able to create such a supportive group of fans, but Luna’s welcoming personality, interesting content and favourable exterior have served her well. As a frequent viewer of her Twitch channel, I can only recommend spending some time in it. As long as you like gaming, banter and some of the biggest tits in the industry, you will feel right at home. If computer games aren’t your thing, she also has Onlyfans where you can see more of her! 

Enjoy the podcast! 

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