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The Project Boobs Podcast | #011 – Peyton Thomas

Peyton Thomas almost fell out of her dress!

I remember when Peyton Thomas emerged on the scene. Cute, innocent, and impossibly busty for an 18-year-old. After a time shooting for the biggest names in the industry, she hung up her boots to focus on family and schooling. Luckily for us, she’s back with a boom!

What made her start in the industry, what made her leave, and what made her come back are all topics we go through. Peyton struggles to keep everything contained for YouTube, having to readjust more than once. This means that there is something for everyone here! Both for the listener and the more visual of you! I just hope that YouTube won’t mind – but I’m sure they would appreciate Peyton in her full glory. I sure know I do.  

Being a big name in the industry, Peyton is currently dating a big name in the industry, namely Finny from Booby University. We discuss what it is like dating whilst shooting content with others, and what they do to make sure jealousy is kept at bay. I’m glad to see it work out for them, and her 44P boobs are a sight for sore eyes. She has told me that she is most likely closer to a 44R now as well, as her bras are too tight! Take a look yourself and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! 

Enjoy the podcast! 

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Instagram: PeytonThomasbbw2
Onlyfans: PeytonThomas
Onlyfans VIP: PeytonThomasVIP

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