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The Project Boobs Podcast | #009 – BarryLovesBoobs

BarryLovesBoobs wants to make 2022 the Breast year ever!

There are few people who strive to improve a community as much as BarryLovesBoobs. Relatively new to the scene, he has quickly carved out his place in history with his classic interviews with busty women he meets on the streets, showing love wherever he goes.

Barry has made a name for himself as a handsome guy who lives the life most boob guys dream to live. Whenever he posts, he has a new lovely lady on his side and it doesn’t seem to slow down in the least. Starting off with the famous Titty Tuesday zoom calls he brought fans closer to the stars they loved, receiving great reviews in the process. He quickly realized that this is something he was good at and that it is something he would like to do for a living, and we’re glad he did!

He recently quit his “normal” job to pursue his boob vision full time and what better time to do it. He needs the additional time to plan and execute his latest endeavor, the amazing-looking Barry’s Boobfest. This will be a busty extravaganza where Barry has gathers many of the biggest names in the industry for a weekend in Florida. There will be competitions, award shows, pool parties, and meet-and-greets. You read that right, you get to meet women like MaseratiXXX, Roxi Redd, and many, many more! Find tickets below! 


Enjoy the podcast! 

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Follow him on all his pages here: 

Instagram: BarryLovesWorld
YouTube: Link BarryLoves

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