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The Project Boobs Podcast | #014 – JustHavingFunWithLife

Shy girls can love to show off, too!

Today is a big day! Not only are we back with another episode, but it is with none other than JustHavingFunWithLife – Joy! This smiling woman has been on my radar for years for all the right reasons. Her content might be spicy, but she describes herself as a shy lady at heart, something that her stories confirm!

Being a person of many skills and assets, Joy spends her days online. No matter if it’s on her Instagram account with more than 500,000 followers, her Onlyfans, or her Twitch stream, she is bound to keep her viewers entertained. Her different platforms are varied in content to ensure she stays as diversified as possible in this ever-changing market. On her Instagram, you’ll see outfits, boobs, and smiles, something that can be seen on most of her sites. She has a proclivity for latex dresses with ample cleavage which could hypnotize the most stoic monk. Come to think of it, a monk might fall into a coma if they saw her outfits!

In our discussion, we dig deeper into a range of subjects. Something that fascinated me was her view on how people associate features with others based on their physical appearance, and how things that might be well-meaning can be received differently than it was intended. Together with this, her years in the industry shine a light on how inexperience might lead to misunderstandings that might be less malicious than they might seem from the outset. All-in-all, a very nice chat with a girl you should definitely check out!


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