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The Project Boobs Podcast | #018 – Sapphire Summers

Three Boobjobs, and more to come!

I find it fascinating when people are going under the knife to enhance their exterior. Sapphire Summers started her journey to become a living cartoon not too long ago. While this is a large step for many, for Sapphire it came naturally after years of unknowingly being a Bimbo Doll!

It has only been a couple of years since Sapphire got told what being a bimbo actually meant. Like many others, her idea of a bimbo was closer to the word bitch than the reality of it. Her friends told her what it meant and she instinctively felt that she was a bimbo already, albeit with fewer surgeries under her belt. Hence, it was easy for her to take the leap into full bimbofication. Three boobjobs later and here we are. This is only the start of her transformation, as she already has plans to get work done on other parts as well, firstly her butt!

In our chat, we go into detail about what it is like to get huge boobs, from the decision of getting them, to the day of the surgery, and also the recovery process. While it sounds like a gruesome experience, the results Sapphire have made it all worth it! She can no longer sleep on her stomach, due to obvious reasons, and when she gets her butt done she will have to sleep on her belly. This will be a challenge that I’m sure that she will tackle with grace, and hopefully come back to tell us about once she is done with the whole ordeal!   


Enjoy the podcast! 

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Twitter: saphysummerss

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