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The Project Boobs Podcast | #010 – Mahogany Masters

Mahogany Masters will make your life better!

Most people have one or two things that make them stand out from the crowd. Mahogany Masters has many more than that. Naturally, since she is participating on this website, her boobs are huge, but there is so much more to this busty 42M-sized amazonian woman!

Being one of the warmest and friendliest girls I have had the pleasure to talk to in the industry, Mahogany tells her story in an engaging and funny way. No matter if it’s why she catches little boys realizing that they love huge breasts, or hear stories from her extended travels, you never feel like there is nothing more to talk about with her. She is incredibly well-spoken and, in my humble opinion, could start her own show. Even if her big selling point is her chest, her soothing voice would be a treat to listen to on a podcast, even when you aren’t looking at her! 

Mahogany started her boob career after a friend of hers recommended trying webcamming to make ends meet. Originally working in non-profit charity work, she thought this would be a good way to make some extra money. Being comfortable in her skin, she jumped in with two feet and realized quickly that she has something unique to offer. From there she has expanded to many different pages and it’s all been a success. Some people just have a gene for success, and in her case, a gene for incredible titties! I thoroughly enjoyed having her on and I can see why she is so popular!


Enjoy the podcast! 

Remember, you can add it to your listen later playlist, allowing you to listen to it in parts.

Follow her on all her pages here: 

Instagram: MahoganyM80
Twitter: M80Mahogany
Streamate: MahoganyMasters
Onlyfans: MahoganyM80

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