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The Project Boobs Podcast | #017 – I Need Bella – Spiritual Sex Work

I Need Bella’s Spiritual awakening!

When I Need Bella reached out to me I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would she be able to fit me into her busy schedule? Would we be able to hold a conversation, being from such different worlds? To my great enjoyment, both of my questions were answered with a powerful YES!

I Need Bella is unapologetically herself, proving that you don’t have to pretend to be something you are not to be interesting in. Her infectious smile, combined with her deep insights, makes for a great conversationalist. We dig deep into her spiritual awakening, from trying ayahuasca in Costa Rica, to her meditation, and breathwork. She wasn’t new in the adult entertainment industry when she had her mind-expanding transition, but it did make her realize that to make it big she need to put the work in. The proof is in the pudding!

Whilst I might not be a devout follower of spiritual things, I Need Bella did persuade me to open my mind and explore new horizons. Her passion for well-being, for animals, and to produce the best content possible shines through in everything she does, making her a force for good in a world that might not seem as bright. If she were to change her name, I would suggest Tinker Bell, as she is a petite lady with seemingly magical powers. Or, at least, the curves to make you fly! I did feel like Peter Pan throughout our talk, and I think you will too! 

Enjoy the podcast! 

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