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Interview – Melonie Kares

NameMelonie Kares

AgeMy special day is December 15th! I’m currently 24.

Nationality: Canadian from Quebec 

Sexual orientation: I am bisexual/pansexual. I have no preference for gender/sex. If you’re sexy and kind, that’s hot! 😉

Social status: I am engaged and have been with my partner for 9 years. I’m working on getting him to fondle me for my fans. I want to show you that big hands look small on my tits.

Bra sizeUK size 38NN / US size 38V

HeightI’m a short stack! 5’3″ / 163cm

Tattoos/Piercings: I have double ear piercings and used to have an eyebrow piercing too, but I left it to heal shut a few years ago. No tattoos at the moment.

Instagram: Busty_Melonie_Kares

Twitter: Meloniekares / Busty_MK_promo

Onlyfans: MelonieKares

Manyvids: Melonie-Kares

Faphouse: Melonie-Kares

Curvage: MelonieKares

APclips: MelonieKares

PayPal: Link

SpankPay: MelonieKares


Cam site: Chaturbate

Wishlist: Amazon / Deliverycode


Not only the moose are huge in Canada!

Everyone knows about the stereotype that Canadians are nice, and Melonie is not an exception to the rule! A friendlier person would be difficult to find and it doesn’t take long from when you start talking to her that she wants the best for you and everyone else. Canadians are, as mentioned above, known for being nice, as many think of them as a constantly apologizing people. However, Melonie is extremely unapologetic for being massively busty! There are not many who can brag about a bra size as big as her whilst also wishing for them to grow even larger and absolutely being in love with her bust while at it! Also, you can find a discount link further down the page, go find it!

Whadder yup to?!

Project Boobs: Hi Melonie! How are you? 🙂

Melonie Kares: I’m doing well, thank you! How are you?

PB: Very good, thanks! What does a normal day look like for you?

Melonie: That’s a good question! It’s quite variable, honestly. I start by waking up with some coffee and breakfast while spending time with my cats. Then, I play some video games for a little while. After lunch, I slowly get into whatever project I have to do. That could be any of the following: writing scripts for custom roleplay videos, taking pictures for OnlyFans and photo sets, filming videos, uploads, editing, graphic design, marketing, accounting, etc. Depending on the task, I’ll also be responding to emails and messages. If I have any private cams scheduled, then I usually do them in the evening. Once I’ve worked enough, I sit down to some anime and cartoons while responding to messages until I go to bed.

PB: What is your favorite physical feature?

Melonie: Ouhh! I love my titties! They are so soft and huge and still growing! I can’t get enough of them! I also really like my butt, although I often don’t think it’s big enough.

PB: If you asked your best friend, how would he/she describe you?

Melonie: Hmm, let’s see… I think they would say that I’m the mom of the group. I’m caring and attentive, but also silly and funny. I’m a nerd/geek who loves nature and animals. I’m shy at first. Get to know me, and watch me blossom. 

PB: Tell us something about you that your followers would be surprised by.

Melonie: I want even bigger breasts!

PB: What are you looking for in a partner?

MeloniePersonality is the most important thing! I do love myself as a truly kind, knowledgeable, and passionate partner with some extra chub to love! 

“I plan on incorporating some sort of live-streaming service like MVlive for camming and possibly Twitch”

Where can we see more than on this site?!

PB: Are you a content creator full-time or do you have a “normal” job as well? 🙂

Melonie: I’m a full-time content creator. Before being full-time, I was working as an animal nurse. 

PB: What is your favorite platform? 

Melonie: My favourite platform is ManyVids.  

PB: How big was your biggest donation/tip?

Melonie: My biggest donation is 50$ so far. 

PB: What made you go into the industry?

Melonie: I was in need of extra money to make ends meet. I started with curiousity and the intent to pleasure. After a few months, I fell in love with the creative and sexual expression being a clip artist offers.

PB: Have you been published in any magazines or large online publishers? If so, which ones?

Melonie: No, but I’m interested now that I’m full-time.

PB: What is your favorite moment from modeling?

Melonie: Everytime someone expresses their gratitude and satisfaction from my services. I truly appreciate the love!

PB: What is your favorite photoshoot that you like the best?

Melonie: I’ve never done a professional photoshoot. I would love to shoot boudoir style though!

PB: Do you have a favorite photographer? If so, which one?

Melonie: I’m my only photographer, for now.

PB: What are your short and long-term plans for your modeling career?

Melonie: I plan on incorporating some sort of livestreaming service like MVlive for camming and possibly Twitch as well. I am also flirting with the idea of shooting professionally. I plan on creating content while pregnant when and if I can when I start trying. I would love to continue creating sexy content for as long as I can!

PB: If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do instead?

Melonie: I am an animal nurse by trade so, that’s what I’d do. I’d love to have my own homestead one day.

PB: Have you ever been recognized in public for your modeling work?

Melonie: No, at least, not that I know of.

PB: What advice would you give to a girl who is thinking of going into the modeling industry or are in the early phases of their career?

Melonie: Keep an open mind to all sorts of people and fetishes. Use free clip sites for promotion.

PB: Who is your favorite model and why?

Melonie: I don’t know off the top of my head

PB: What busty model do you think we should interview next?

Melonie: I don’t know either 


“My boobs are still growing. I didn’t have a bra that fit for years before buying the only bra that fits me, so I don’t know.”

To call them huge doesn't bring them justice!

PB: Are you natural or enhanced? 

Melonie: Natural

PB: What is your bra size? 

Melonie: UK size 38NN / US size 38V

PB: When did you last measure them properly?

Melonie: More than 6 months ago, haha!

PB: Are they growing?

Melonie: Yes, my boobs are still growing. I didn’t have a bra that fit for years before buying the only bra that fits me, so I don’t know. I want to start using water displacement to measure growth.

PB: How many bras do you have? Also, do you have a favorite bra?

Melonie: I only have three that kind of fit properly. As for small bras (K cup and smaller), I have about 20 more excluding my shorts bras and nursing bras.

PB: Where do you buy your bras? Do you have a favorite store/brand?

Melonie: Ideally, I’d get my bras custom made. I’ve got one Ewa Michalak bra that I love, but they are also expensive. I also like Bravissimo.  

PB: Have you saved any old bras as a memory to the size you were or for content creation?

Melonie: I have some HH cup bras from 6 years ago. Now, they only hold about one third of my tits. I’ve used a few in videos and photos. I love the size comparison.

PB: Have you ever made your own clothes? 

Melonie: I regularly tailor larger tops and sports bras/bralettes at the underbust and waist to help them fit better. 

PB: Are you happy with your current size?

Melonie: I always love to see my breasts grow and get heavier. When I’m really horny, my go to fantasy is at least twice as big, heehee! I have a natural breast expansion fetish, I suppose!

“I have the biggest, but my great-great grandmother was apparently quite busty with wide hips.”

PB: Do being busty run in the family?

MelonieI have the biggest, but my great great grandmother was apparently quite busty with wide hips.

PB: Have you ever considered having a reduction? 

Melonie: I love my boobs too much! I’d rather adjust my lifestyle than the size of my boobs.

PB: Is there anything you cannot do due to their size? 

Melonie: I can’t really run. When I bounce my tits too much without holding them, I get neck sprains. I regularly knock stuff over. I can’t see the rest of my body below my tits. Even in a bra, my tits touch the floor when doing push ups. Tying my shoes is starting to be an issue too. Sometimes, I wonder what it’s like not having more than 20lbs strapped to your chest all the time.

PB: If you would be flat-chested for one day, what would you do?

Melonie: Run. Jump. Lay on my stomach. Oh! Get a massage and see a chiropractor while they aren’t in the way. 

PB: Have all your partners been boob guys/girls?

Melonie: Yes, all three of my past partners and my current partner are boob people.

PB: What do you like the most about being busty?

Melonie: The boobs. I like the (respectful) attention too 😛

PB: What do you like the least about being busty?

Melonie: The pain. I can’t hide that part. My shoulders, neck, and back have always ached.

“I love having my breasts fondled and motorboated. My nipples are sensitive too. I love getting them sucked and suckled.

PB: Have you named your boobs?

Melonie: No, what would you name mine? 

PB: Have your friends, or anyone really, given you any nicknames because of your boobs? 

Melonie: “Tits McGee” and “Mommy Milkers” have been toss around playfully.

PB: Are they sensitive and do you like them touched?

Melonie: Yes and yes! I love having my breasts fondled and motorboated. My nipples are sensitive too. I love getting them sucked and suckled. I get nipple orgasms.

PB: Do you dress to show off your boobs in public, or do you dress more conservatively to hide your chest?

Melonie: I tend to dress in a variety of ways. If I flaunt my physique, I’m always in company. If I have to go alone, I take the sword– I mean, I tend to wear baggier clothes. 

PB: Do you get a lot of attention due to your boobs and do you like it?

Melonie: I often get people staring in public. I always appreciate the attention online — I’m literally asking for it!

PB: Do you have any funny stories from something that has happened due to your boobs? 

Melonie: After a party, there was a stack of cases of beer bottles underneath the cabinet where the glasses were. I leaned into the stack a little too much while getting a glass causing the whole thing to crash onto the floor from the countertop. WHAT A MESS!

PB: Can you do any cool tricks with your boobs? 

Melonie: Is sucking both nipples at the same time a good trick? How about covering both your ears while I smother you? 

PB: When did your boobs start to grow and what was the first bra you ever got? 

Melonie: I was 9 and it was a Walmart WonderBra in 36DD when I was 11.

PB: How did you get through school?

Melonie: I was a reject, a nerd, an emo, a geek, a total weeb — and I still am for the most part, haha. Kids laughed at my interests and my “overdeveloped” body, but I had and still have real friends.

PB: How old were you when you realized the power your boobs had and did you use it to your advantage?

Melonie: I’m not the type to take advantage of anyone for any reason. If anything, it makes you a prime target for envy from other girls.

PB: Now, as an adult, do you wish you would have done things differently when you were younger, and if so, what would you change?

Melonie: My story got me where I am today and I’m perfectly fine with that. I may have started making content earlier though!

PB: Thank you for completing the interview! Do you have anything you would like to say to close it all off? 🙂

Melonie: If you like what you see and want to see more of me, my enormous tits, and my content, follow me on twitter and ManyVids! 

I love making customs with or without roleplay and I am very fetish friendly!

Join my onlyfans for 2200+ media. I’m actively posting and won’t stop.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask me.

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