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Interview – Dolly Mix

NameDolly Mix

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Bra size34E

Height5’6” / 167cm

Tattoos/Piercings: 520cc Silicone implants, juicy enhanced lips, pierced navel

Instagram: @ItsDollyMix

Twitter: @ItsDollyMix

Onlyfans: ItsDollyMix

TikTik: @ItsDollyMix



The queen of Bimbo Fashion

I have always been a fan of driven, industrious people. There are the people who push the envelope and improves the entire society. Dolly Mix is one of those people that proves that you can accomplish a lot once you put your mind to it! 

From running her own apparel shop to having a successful Onlyfans page, and soon, her own podcast, she is a force to be reckon with. This all the while living an all-out bimbo lifestyle, with everything that entails. 

Continue reading to figure out what this powerful doll is doing next!

What does a day of a bimbo look like?

Project Boobs: Hi Dolly! How are you? 🙂

Dolly: Peachy! How about you?

PB: What does a normal day look like for you?

DollyCoffee! Emails, store orders and stock checks, socials and light exercise. Afternoons and evenings are spent interacting with fans, engaging with social media and promoting my brand.

PB: What is your favourite physical feature?

Dolly: Lips

PB: If you asked your best friend, how would he/she describe you?

Dolly: I’ve been described as anything from a sexy Bimbo Queen to a sassy Angel Baby so as you can see it’s quite broad, haha!

PB: Tell us something about you that your followers would be surprised by.

DollyWhen I was younger I wanted to be a racing driver and feel very comfortable driving high-performance cars. 

“I live my life as a Bimbo Doll and hope to bring awareness to the lifestyle and decrease stigma via a number of channels”

Tell us about your store, and you other content!

PB: Are you a content creator full-time or do you have a “normal” job as well? 🙂

Dolly: My main business is which is a lifestyle store for Bimbos and Dolls. As well as my store I create content for fans, I write and I have a podcast coming out. I live my life as a Bimbo Doll and hope to bring awareness to the lifestyle and decrease stigma via a number of channels. I also fetish model and have run sex-positive events and holidays in my time.

PB: What is your favourite platform? 

Dolly: I don’t have a favourite. I think there are features from all platforms that I’d like to see on other platforms. I favour knowledge sharing hehe

PB: What made you go into the industry?

Dolly: I have always been part of the London fetish scene and have enjoyed being an integral part of its continued growth and celebration. I decided to raise awareness, support and promote my fellow Bimbos and supporters because I’d like them to enjoy a world free of stigma and know they have the support I didn’t have. I’ve met some incredibly strong humans and am excited to keep driving empowerment, kink and sex-positivity.

PB: Have you been published in any magazines or large online publishers? If so, which ones?

Dolly: I am in the early stages of my brand’s growth and establishing myself as a familiar name. I look forward to doing more interviews with sympathetic publishers and seeing where that takes me.

PB: What is your favourite moment from modelling?

Dolly: Walking the catwalk at the last ever Torture Garden at The Coronet in London before it was demolished. It will forever remain a bittersweet moment and I had a big tear in my eye at the end. 

PB: What is your favourite photoshoot that you like the best?

Dolly: Too many to name but I have one coming up I am so so looking forward to! Looking forward to sharing it with you all.

PB: What are your short and long-term plans for your modelling career?

Dolly: I adore being in front of the camera so I hope to continue modelling for the foreseeable future.

PB: If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do instead?

Dolly: Modelling is an enjoyable part of my life but it isn’t solely what I do. Creating, designing and empowering Bimbo’s is my main joy :).

PB: Have you ever been recognized in public for your modelling work?

Dolly: I adore it when someone recognises me and if I am approached politely and respectfully I have so much time for people who wish to get to know me ofc!

PB: What busty model do you think we should interview next?

Dolly: Sammi Sprinkles


“I’m looking forward to upgrading my implants next year as I believe they are ready to accommodate larger ones.”

Silicone boobs fits a bimbo doll perfectly!

PB: Are you natural or enhanced? 

Dolly: SIlicone!

PB: What is your bra size? 

Dolly: 520cc / 34E

PB: When did you last measure them properly?

Dolly: Before lockdown

PB: Are they growing?

DollyMy natural boobs are definitely growing. I’m looking forward to upgrading my implants next year as I believe they are ready to accommodate larger ones.

PB: How many bras do you have? Also, do you have a favourite bra?

Dolly: My favourite bra is from Myla London and is a balcony in pink and black silk and lace. As an enhanced lady, I find that balcony bras are the most comfortable but I’m also very fond of my sports bras as they feel very secure and hold my implants nice and close to my rib cage.

PB: Where do you buy your bras? Do you have a favourite store/brand?

Dolly: I design sports bras suitable for larger breasts that can be found in my store. Otherwise, I recommend Bravissimo for the bustier lady who doesn’t want to compromise on the design aesthetic. Sadly the much loved high street brands do not go past an E cup which I hope will change in the future.

PB: Have you saved any old bras as a memory to the size you were or for content creation?

Dolly: They are fantastic half cup bras now :b

PB: Have you ever made your own clothes? 

Dolly: Check out my website for everyday sports bras designed for comfort but adorned with sexy motifs 😉

PB: Are you happy with your current size?

Dolly: I am very happy with them. I was happy with my natural boobs too but stretching and swelling my breasts turns me on. I look forward to my next enhancement to celebrate my fetish and sexuality.

“People thinking I wasn’t happy with my breasts before I enhanced them.”

PB: Is there anything you cannot do due to their size? 

Dolly: I don’t feel able to scuba dive or bungee jump as a result of my implants but I’ve tried the former and am happy to snorkel for the rest of my life 🙂

PB: If you would be flat-chested for one day, what would you do?

Dolly: Run downstairs as fast as I could as I’d be able to see every step in front of me ;b

PB: Have all your partners been boob guys/girls?

Dolly: No

PB: What do you like the most about being busty?

Dolly: Giving myself a strip show in the mirror

PB: What do you like the least about being busty?

Dolly: People thinking I wasn’t happy with my breasts before I enhanced them.

“Yes, I do get a lot of attention, yes I like respectful attention and no I don’t like catcalls and being followed.”

PB: Have you named your boobs?

Dolly: I haven’t, no haha

PB: Have your friends, or anyone really, given you any nicknames because of your boobs? 

Dolly: No, lol

PB: Are they sensitive and do you like them touched?

Dolly: I love them being touched, so much so that I touch them myself all the time.

PB: Do you dress to show off your boobs in public, or do you dress more conservatively to hide your chest?

Dolly: Depends on the weather! 

PB: Do you get a lot of attention due to your boobs and do you like it?

Dolly: This is an interesting question, and I’m glad you asked. I think that it’s something rarely talked about in the initial months after you get a breast augmentation. Yes, I do get a lot of attention, yes I like respectful attention and no I don’t like catcalls and being followed. Adjusting to this in the early stages after a BA is an adjustment that nobody prepares you for.

PB: Do you have any funny stories from something that has happened due to your boobs? 

Dolly: Too many to share but people walking into lamp posts, other people, getting told off by their partners…

PB: Can you do any cool tricks with your boobs? 

Dolly: I enjoy twerking them 

PB: Thank you for completing the interview! Do you have anything you would like to say to close it all off? 🙂

Dolly: Thank you for chatting with me, Project Boobs. I wish you every success and look forward to doing more together in the future. 

If you are busty and are looking for high-performance clothing that stretches without compromising the design and print then check out my website:,

Follow me on IG to get a snapshot into my life: Itsdollymix or if you want to see more of me in my natural habitat head over to my Only Fans: Itsdollymix. Twitter etc same name. Bimbo love <3

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