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Interview – Aviva Rocks

Name: Aviva is my real name. Rocks is of course an artist’s surname

AgeI’m 31 years old, 9th of Feb 1990!

Nationality: Swiss

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Social status: Single and a Crazy Animal Lady

Bra size70 K / 1600cc

Height: 4’9″ / 150cm

Tattoos/Piercings: A lot of tattoos, that’s it.

Instagram: @Aviva_rocks

Twitter: @Avivarocks

Onlyfans: @AvivaRocks

Personal site:

PayPal: Spoil her


Cam site: Catch her live

Amazon Wishlist: For her / For her love


Plastic perfection!

Some women are born to be in the center of attention – Aviva Rocks is proof of that! With a love and passion for causing heads to turn when she is out and about, she has gone under the knife to make improvements not only to her boobs but several other parts of her looks that make her impossible to miss! If you see her walking around, make sure you take a good look – She will enjoy it as much as you!

From Switzerland to Spain

Project Boobs: Hi Aviva! How are you? 🙂

Aviva Rocks: I am doing very well like every day and am very satisfied with my life

PB: What does a normal day look like for you?

Aviva: I get up very early every day. Then I take care of all my animals afterward at home and then I pursue my passion and am online on my webcam

PB: What is your favorite physical feature?

Aviva: I clearly love my Boobies and my thick lips

PB: If you asked your best friend, how would he/she describe you?

Aviva: You would definitely say that I am a funny person, sometimes bitchy and not always very easy to deal with, independent and know what I want and am always fun for everyone. Just like my best friend is.

PB: Tell us something about you that your followers would be surprised by.

Aviva: what very few people know is that I have a phobia of jewelry. So finger rings, necklaces, or earrings. I can’t touch anything. I am a vegan and animal rights activist. I run a sanctuary with lots of animals on my own. (2 donkeys, 6 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, 2 pigs, 3 goats, 1 sheep, and 2 turkeys)

PB: What are you looking for in a partner?

AvivaWhen it comes to looks, I like dark-haired men with a beard. Character is very important with the right sense of humor. I don’t like machos, I like shy, sensitive men.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the adult industry and it was only a matter of time before I worked there myself. It was the best decision in my life”

Professional people pleaser

PB: Are you a content creator full-time or do you have a “normal” job as well? 🙂

Aviva: I have been self-employed as a webcam girl for over 8 years and shoot porn clips for my sites

PB: What is your favorite platform? 

Aviva: Of course, I love because I have close contact with users there and can also see them when they switch on their cam. Otherwise, I love Instagram, where I show my private life in my daily stories

PB: How big was your biggest donation/tip?

Aviva: I can’t say that, but there were some great gifts. Also a lot of small gifts again and again in between. Something like that makes me extremely happy every time.

PB: What made you go into the industry?

Aviva: I didn’t want a normal job anymore and never wanted more money. So I had to change something. I’ve always been fascinated by the adult industry and it was only a matter of time before I worked there myself. It was the best decision in my life

PB: Have you been published in any magazines or large online publishers? If so, which ones?

Aviva: I have been featured regularly in the Swiss media for 8 years on TV, radio, and magazines. But also in England at the TV show “hooked on the look”. Here are a few examples: (German), SRF Youtube (German), Truly,

PB: What is your favorite photoshoot that you like the best?

Aviva: I rarely have photoshoots. But I love shootings that are outside, especially in lost places

PB: Do you have a favorite photographer? If so, which one?

Aviva: My Friends haha =D

PB: What are your short and long-term plans for your modeling career?

Aviva: I would like to stay with it for a long time and maybe at some point have a boyfriend by my side who would like to make films with me.

PB: If you weren’t a model, what would you want to do instead?

Aviva: I think I would work with animals like I did before and now do it on the side

PB: Have you ever been recognized in public for your modeling work?

Aviva: I am recognized immediately and everywhere in Switzerland. In Spain, where I have been living for 3 years, very rarely or not at all. But I still attract attention here

And I LOVE it!

PB: What advice would you give to a girl who is thinking of going into the modeling industry or are in the early phases of their career?

Aviva: You should think twice, everything that is on the Internet stays on the Internet forever. You need good self-confidence because there will not only be nice moments. And also when working and staying tuned when things go bad. It will always be worth it

PB: Who is your favorite model and why?

Aviva: There are so many great ones!

“For me, my size is perfect. But I like women who have bigger breasts”

So, let's talk about the boobs!

PB: Are you natural or enhanced? 

Aviva: Enhanced

PB: What is your bra size? 

Aviva: 70 K (a big K) 1600cc in a side

PB: When did you last measure them properly?

Aviva: I do this regularly on the webcam, as it is often requested

PB: Are they growing?

Aviva: I last enlarged them 3 years ago and I don’t want my breasts any bigger. But the ass, please 😀

PB: How many bras do you have? Also, do you have a favorite bra?

Aviva: only 3 hahaha

PB: Where do you buy your bras? Do you have a favorite store/brand?

Aviva: I always order from Amazon. but without brands

PB: Have you saved any old bras as a memory to the size you were or for content creation?

Aviva: Unfortunately not anymore when moving to Spain 🙁

PB: Have you ever made your own clothes? 

Aviva: No

PB: Are you happy with your current size?

Aviva: For me, my size is perfect. but I like women who have bigger breasts

“I work a lot with animals and therefore physically. And that’s when I often notice my breasts”

PB: Have you ever considered having a reduction? 


PB: Is there anything you cannot do due to their size? 

AvivaI work a lot with animals and therefore physically. And that’s when I often notice my breasts. but I can do everything, but there is a difference between small breasts

And when cuddling with a man or woman, the boobs are often in the way,haha 😀

PB: If you would be flat-chested for one day, what would you do?

AvivaCry and hope it’s just a dream

PB: Have all your partners been boob guys/girls?

Aviva: I always date men who don’t like big silicone fake boobs but in the end, you still have fun with it. I only date women who stand on my boobs

PB: What do you like the most about being busty?

AvivaI keep noticing how my optics now fit and harmonize with my inner being. I was in the wrong body before I had an operation

And I love to provoke in public with my boobs =)

PB: What do you like the least about being busty?

Aviva: Not going to a normal store and being able to buy a bra…

“When people talk about me they always say ‘the little woman with the biiiiig boobs and big lips’. I like that description”

PB: Have you named your boobs?

Aviva: Nope…Only Boobs or Boobies

PB: Have your friends, or anyone really, given you any nicknames because of your boobs? 

Aviva: Not that I know of, but when people talk about me they always say “the little woman with the biiiiig boobs and big lips”. Then everyone knows who is meant by that. I like the description

PB: Are they sensitive and do you like them touched?

Aviva: The right nipple is very sensitive and can reach the orgasms faster if you know how to touch it. But my boobs like it gentle, no slapping

PB: Do you dress to show off your boobs in public, or do you dress more conservatively to hide your chest?

Aviva: I wear 90% bold clothes where the boobs accentuate

PB: Do you get a lot of attention due to your boobs and do you like it?

Aviva: No matter what clothes I wear, the boobs always stand out, and yes, that’s why I’m always looked at and I love it. There are few days when I don’t like it.

PB: Do you have any funny stories from something that has happened due to your boobs? 

Aviva: Recently I was sitting in a coffee shop with my girlfriend, then a police car drove by and the driver stared so hard that he hit a person by a few millimeters. he then had to stop and apologize. very entertaining for me and my friend 😀

PB: Can you do any cool tricks with your boobs? 

Aviva: I can make men horny? haha Or put a beverage can on it

PB: Do big boobs run in your family? Are you the biggest?

Aviva: My mom also has big ones but in nature and she doesn’t show them like me.

PB: When did your boobs start to grow and what was the first bra you ever got? 

AvivaThat was very early, I think I was 8 years old and my first bra was when I was 10 years old. don’t know exactly anymore

PB: How did you get through school? Were you a popular kid or did you have any issues due to your size?

Aviva: I don’t think so. And although I was sometimes bullied because of the boobs, I was always self-confident and that’s why it was over quickly

PB: How old were you when you realized the power your boobs had and did you use it to your advantage?

Aviva: That was very early, I noticed how men were fixated on boobs as teenagers. And I’ve always liked it. Because I like boobs too

PB: Now, as an adult, do you wish you would have done things differently when you were younger, and if so, what would you change?

AvivaNo, every decision was correct. no matter if it’s good or bad

PB: Thank you for completing the interview! Do you have anything you would like to say to close it all off? 🙂

Aviva: Thank you for letting me attend the interview and finally asking questions that have never been asked before. There was a lot of fun. 😀 

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