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The Project Boobs Podcast | #005 – Brooklyn Springvalley

Brooklyn Springvalley is 1600cc of pure fun!

We all have blind spots in our knowledge about the things we love. My blindspot was Brooklyn Springvalley. How I, a walking boob lexicon, had missed her over the last couple of years is baffles me. If she wasn’t on your radar, then it should be now.
Brooklyn is a cosplayer, content producer and all-around adventurer. Wherever she goes, fun comes along. Her 1600cc bust and smile are bound to lighten up anyone’s day, at least anyone who is even a little bit like myself! She has travelled all over the US in the camper van she and her partner have built. Starting off on the North-East coast of the US they drove all the way to California, turned around to finally end up in Texas, where she still resides. They do say that everything is bigger in Texas!
Her content is larger-than-life as well. She shots with some of the biggest names in the industry. Not only are her sparing partners famous, but her solo content is also so original as she implements her creative flair in all the work she does. Sometimes she might be a schoolgirl, the next moment she is shooting with superheroes. You need to check her out in the links below!  

Enjoy the podcast! 

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Follow her on all her pages here: 

Instagram: Brooklynsv_
Twitter: BrooklynSV_
TikTok: Brooklynsv_
Patreon: Brooklynsv
Amazon Wishlist: Link
Snapchat: Brookesv_xoxoxo

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