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The Project Boobs Podcast | #004 – Demora Avarice

Demora is kind of a big deal

Today I’m joined by none other than Demora Avarice! She is the queen of breast expansion and who knows when she will go even bigger. We discuss her growth, fat transfers, saline transfusions and what life is like being her. 
What sets her apart from others is not only her immense cup size but how down-to-earth she is as a person. There is not a single sign of being arrogant or hubris exist in this woman, which makes her very pleasant to talk to. Not only that, she uses her claims to fame in a very creative way. If you go to her adult-themed pages you will see her knock things down with her bosoms, shock strangers while out on the town or her getting stuck in different home appliances. All good fun! 
From humble beginning to now sitting on the queen’s throne Demora has really done a remarkable journey. What is better yet, she will continue making content as long as she enjoys it. In addition to that, she’s even considering going even larger. So I would definitely sign up for her Onlyfans, and that’s where the good stuff is. I highly recommend it!  

Enjoy the podcast! 

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Follow her on all her pages here: 

Instagram: Demora.Avarice
Twitter: DemoraAvarice
LoyalFans: DemoraAvarice
Onlyfans: DemoraAvarice
Amazon Wishlist: Link

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